10 Shocking Facts about Las Vegas

There are many people who are often shocked at the different kinds of facts that Las Vegas holds. In this article we will cover ten facts which you may not have known previously.

Fact #1 – Marriage


Did you know that more than 150 couples each day get married in Las Vegas in the many local chapels in the area? There are many people who simply love Vegas for its laid back lifestyle and casinos, so it is not uncommon for more than 100 different couples to get married in the many different kinds of chapels. Another interesting fact is that you only need to be 16 years of age, have valid ID, and have your SSN.

Fact #2 – Getting hanged

If you shoot your neighbour’s dog while the dog is in his owner’s backyard or property, the owner of that dog can legally hang you. This is why so many people have tried putting ear muffs on when their neighbour’s dogs are annoying them.

Fact #3 – Funny laws

las vegas drinking


You are not allowed to buy drinks for many people. In fact, you are only allowed to buy drinks for a maximum of 3 different people. Sometimes people are denied the chance of buying more drinks unless their friends are there with them or they all buy separately.

Fact #4 – Biggest Neon Sign


The world famous Cowboy sign seen in Las Vegas is the biggest Neon sign in the entire world. The entire sign reaches the sky pretty easily, and many people have said that the sign is so big you can see it from space. Those who drive to Las Vegas from other parts of California are always able to see this big sign all the time.

Fact #5 – 21 Years of Age

Nobody under 21 years of age is allowed access to the casinos throughout Las Vegas. Paul Anka’s very first performance in Las Vegas was when he was underage, causing many people to wonder how that actually happened.

Fact #6 – Shrimp

More than 60,000 pounds of shrimp is eaten in Las Vegas every single day. This is a very truthful fact considering that gamblers in casinos can eat quite a lot during a game.

Fact #7 – 38.9 Million people


Every single year, more than 38.9 million people visit Vegas every single year. This alone proves that many people love the beauty, excitement, and the adult life that Vegas can offer. If you want to have fun, Las Vegas can make you have a whole lot of fun.

Fact #8 – Big hotels

Exactly 17 of the 20 biggest hotels around the United States are all located in Las Vegas. With the different museums and theatres located inside most of Las Vegas hotels, this is a pretty obvious fact.

Fact #9 – Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes is the owner of the Dessert Inn. Before he bought it, he stayed inside for way too long and was then asked to leave because of his long stay.

Fact #10 – Showgirl


The Flamingo is a famous hotel owned by Bugsy Siegel. He named the entire hotel The Flamingo because of long legs of his showgirl girlfriend.

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