Baccarat for Beginners

With all the fuss these days around Texas hold ’em poker and blackjack when the best-known and traditional table games, Baccarat has taken a bit of a backseat.

However, those who know and understand the game of Baccarat will hasten to tell you are one of the most interesting and fast-moving games you will find online.

As its name suggests Baccarat, made his earliest appearances in the super exclusive casinos of the South of France and Monaco, where it was also known as Chemin de Fer or Punto Banco.

To understand the intricacies of Baccarat, many gambling historians regard the game as the origin of blackjack in Europe. In its Punto Banco format there are indeed a large number of similarities.

In the Baccarat or Chemin de Fer version, which emerged later, there are slightly more advanced rules and a greater opportunity for players to have more of a direct influence on how the hand will pan out.

Despite the entire mystique surrounding the game, Baccarat is actually a very straightforward game to play. Where the game has some particular charm, is that there are a number of cases where a tie can occur between the bank and the player. If that happens the player has their stake returned, although it has become a tradition , at least in the top class land casinos, where the game is played, for players to let their stake ride to the next shoe,
And sometimes even doubled to bring good luck

Where Baccarat differs from any other game is that the ace is always low. In other words, if the player deals themselves an ace and a face, that hand is valued at one only, while two faces are regarded as zero.

That’s because the total value of a Baccarat hand, regardless of if it is two or three cards is only determined by the accumulated values of the cards, minus the number ten. A player who has a four and a three and draws a ten, will remain with a hand to the value of seven, while if a player is holding a four and a three and draws a five, will be left with a hand to the value of two. The ideal situation is when a player is holding a four and a three and draws a two or a three, and then they will have improved their hand to a level that it will be almost impossible to beat.

The last subtle difference is that in Baccarat, although there can be any number of players sitting or standing around the table, only one player and the bank are competing against each other. The spectators have the choice of betting either on the dealer or the “bank” which is the casino.

Both the player and the bank can choose to stand or draw after the first two cards have been dealt, as long as the dealer has more than a hand value of six. The bank only draws their third card after the dealer has completed their hand, bearing in mind that they cannot be burst. The bank is obliged to draw a card if they are sitting on a hand to the value of less than two, irrespective of what the dealer is holding. The player with the highest hand always wins.

Baccarat can grow on you, being a pleasant game to play both online and off, offering lots of excitement at a fairly rapid pace.


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