Bangkok, the Leisure Gambling Destination

Amusing blue dropped, turquoise beaches meant for sand wrapped body massage and sunbathing. The fun enriched water sports like wakeboarding, surfing, swimming and snorkeling. The green sprayed forest reserves and gardens. The fine pruned and green topped parks and lawns. The Buddhist temples and pagodas glowing in the stunning architecture and the divine exterior. Highly modernized shopping malls, night clubs and bar lounges. There are hundreds to thousands of lovely things to rejoice when heading Bangkok for tourism, honeymooning and other leisure fun. As like the above mentioned pursuits people come here to indulge and engage in a healthy gambling as well.

The gambling games of Bangkok are licensed, so one can fetch a lovely, memorable experience in bangkok without worrying about the legal problems.


Casino Luck!

  • Casinos are there in abundance! Mostly casinos are spotted in the entertainment and fun districts, but a plenty of casino stations are found in the hotels as well.
  • There is a well known Casino play station in the location of the Hotel of Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok. Guests from the hotel make use of this casino game to keep them occupied in the late evening hours.
  • Most of the casinos found in this majestic capital city of Thailand seem to have a certified license from the government to conduct gambling games and casinos there. So, march inwards with bothering thrown away ane enjoy playing the game.
  • Playing casino would definitely make the stay super-entertaining and perfectly suitable for vacationing purpose, so rejoice in the rain of vibrant, colorful coins by engaging in casino games.


Lottery Tickets

  • The other expected legal gambling permitted in Bangkok is buying lotteries for winning huge cash prizes.
  • The state has approved the selling and the buying of lottery tickets which is not at all considered as an illegal gambling here.
  • Lottery is available only twice in a month – one the middle of the month, ie., on 15th of every month, and the other is the end of the month, obviously on 30th. So make use of these two approved and allowed dates to buy lottery tickets and test your chance of luck.

Horse Racing

  • Horse Racing is fun at Bangkok! Many race courses and fields conduct horse racing, though you can not ride at its back, you can very well pay money on a lucky horse to grab you an highest amount.
  • The authorized race courses are there in the town, accessible from the city center from where you can reach there as a couple or with your friends and enjoy the unexpected luck.
  • More than the prize money and the luck, the horse race could shower you lots and lots of fun and excitement.
  • The horses participating in the race are of different types, both in appearance as well as character and behavior. Some make you laugh, some make you to admire and some turn as an unexpected fortune.


Enjoy these admirable and lovely gambling games in Bangkok and return back to your hometown with the unbelievable and overflowing thrill and happiness!


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