Casino and Gambling on a Cruise

Well, have you seen some of the casino’s that are on cruise ships? They’re actually quite difficult to leave when you’re in them… If you’ve been on a cruise then you’ll know what I’m talking about, pretty much any of the facilities you use on a cruise are hard to pull yourself away from, but the top quality of the equipment on the cruise, it’s just too perfect to get up away from the table and walk away. Until you’ve run out of money…

On the Carnival Cruises ships there’s plenty of Casino and Gaming opportunities which are: Bingo, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and other facilities that give you the chance to win.


If you’re up for some bingo, you get three cards in-front of you, and then off you go. Just like any other Bingo games, but with some fantastic prizes. Prizes can be anything from $100 up to the jackpot which is $2000 or a free cruise. There are other prizes that you can win which are things like tour passes, gifts from some of the shops that are on-board the ships, spa treatment services and loads more. It can’t hurt to have one little go and try and win those jackpot prizes really…

Bingo is available on all of the ships.


So when you sit down to play some blackjack with Carnival, you’ll be greeted with smiles and very professionally, which is what you would want at any casino… As soon as you’re dealt in you better be ready for some intense betting and the chance to win some big prizes. It’s nice that the minimum betting tables will start at just $5, it could seem a-lot to some people but then when you think about how much more it could be, then you’re going to have fun, hopefully winning some money.

Blackjack is available on all of the ships.


Now, I’ve never played Craps myself but it does look like a-lot of fun and pretty intense, whenever you see it on the movies there’s usually someone with a-lot of money and then next thing you know they’ve lost everything or won a-lot of money. I wouldn’t mind grabbing some chips and having a go on this table. I’d just hope that luck would be on my side to win some big piles of cash. If you also haven’t played this, Carnival have some staff on hand to run through the basics with you.

Craps is available on all of the ships.


Poker is my all-time favourite, if any of my friends are stuck for something to do, a poker night at my house usually gives us a chance to have some fun, and for me to take all their money. There are some state of the art electronic PokerPro tables that are for Texas Hold’em and there are various other poker games. With the little bets starting at again, $5, you don’t need all the money in the world to join in. But if you have the spare cash then there are some high rollers that are available and ready for an intense game of poker.

Don’t forget your sunglasses; eyes can be a great tell.


Nothing can lift your spirits more than when you put some money down and the little ball landers on the number you picked. That’s the one, roulette tables are up for using too. It’s quick and simple to play so if you fancy your money, give it a go. The croupier will spin the wheel and depending on the different games you can play and the amount that you wager you might be in for some massive prizes. Sounds good to me, simple easy and fast paced.

Of course this is available on all of the ships also.

So if you like traveling, being treated with luxurious facilities and entertainment – like casino’s and spa treatments – that will blow your mind then, always going for a cruise is a sensible option.


George spends a-lot of time writing blog posts about cruise holidays and travel. If he isn’t writing blogs, then he is usually out with friends enjoying his life.



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