Casino Rules – Basic Rules when playing in Casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City


No matter which casino you will visit in the United States there are more or less same casino rules: all the casino chips will be the same colour as will be the signs on the tables that depict the minimum bet. Below is a list of chip values, and their colour.
$1.00 = white
$2.50 = pink
$5.00 = red
You will not find $10.00 unless the casino is using them to promote an event they are usually made for collectors.
$25.00 = green
$100.00 = black
$500.00 = purple
$1000.00 = orange and are also larger than normal chips.

Casino rules

If you see a green $25 sign on a blackjack table it means that $25 is the minimum but per hand. Also unlike on tables in Europe people may not play on your hand also.

On roulette a $25 dollar sign (green) would mean that you would have to lay out at least $25 in $5.00 chips. If the sign is a $5.00 dollar sign (red) you would have to lay out a minimum of $5.00 using $1.00 chips. All the even chance bets, and 2/1 bets require at least the table minimum.

No call bets are taken on Roulette in America, and you will be very hard pressed to find a single zero roulette wheel.

Blackjack is the most popular game in American casino’s and easy to play. The object is to get as close to 21 as you can without breaking. If you beat the dealer or the dealer goes over meaning his cards, added up to more the 21 you get paid even money.

Some simple tips to help you win at Blackjack are:

All ways split 8’s and Ace’s to make two separate hands on the Ace’s you will only receive one card, but with the 8’s play each one like you would an individual hand.

Always double down on 11 against the dealers any card, and double down on a 9, 10, against a 5, or 6 showing for the dealer.

Every casino will have a booklet explaining the rules all you have to do is ask the dealer if you can have one. Also you will find that there will be an in-house channel on the television in your room which will have videos explaining how to play the games. I recommend you watch these videos as they will help you to understand the games much better.



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