Most Extravagant Casinos in Macau

Some vacation lovers might enjoy a nice day at the beach, while others might like to test their luck at the casinos.  While many choose Las Vegas to be the first option, Macau has become one of the most popular gaming centers in the world leaving Las Vegas behind. With so many popular  and high end casinos, this place is like no other place. It is said that the most extravagant casinos in Macau are the most visited by gamblers.


The number of visitors who visit this place increases by 20% each year,  the gaming take is six times more than that of Las Vegas. The presence of Chinese gamblers has really helped uplift the status of Macau to that with most extravagant casinos.

The best casinos in Macau

In terms of atmosphere, state and size, Macau has some of the best casinos. These casinos are the likes of:

  1. City of dreams

This is a huge hotel with a casino complex which has 550 gaming tables. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed to allow people to have the fun that they need.

  1. The Venetian

It is the largest casino in the world with 800 gambling tables with 3400 slot machines. The casino is inside a hotel which has an effective atmosphere to meet all your needs. It was opened in 2007 and is famous for its sporting zone that was created by Manchester United.

The Venetian is located on the Cotai Strip.

  1. Hotel and Casino Lisboa

One of the most original casinos in Macau, it is old and you can be sure to have the old good days feeling when you are in there.

It is located at the southern end of the Macau peninsula.

  1. Hotel and Casino Grand Lisboa

This is the modern replacement of Lisboa and is located in the tallest building in Macau. It has 240 gaming tables and 750 slot machines. There is a big difference between what happens to Grand Lisboa and what happens inside Lisboa original. This casino is also found in

The southern end of the Macau Peninsula.

  1. Wynn Macau

This resort has the Las Vegas type of setting. It is the first of its kind in the Asian setting. With two major design labels: Prada and Gucci surround it, Wynn Macau attracts high rollers.

  1. The Sands Macau

It is the first casino in Asia to be operated by an international company. It is not that big with only 85 gaming tables making it to be confined in one big room.

  1. MGM Macau

Most of the visitors to this casino are foreigners because it has bets which are low with a relaxed atmosphere.

When you go to these casinos, you can be sure of having a lot of fun. The treatment is also nice because of the kind of people who visit this place.

At the end of the day, since they are the most extravagant casinos in Macau, the popular visitors are the Chinese. These people take gambling very seriously therefore do not expect to see a lot of smiles on their faces.


Tina Kessel

A mother of 3 who loves to travel and write lifestyle and blogs. As a writer for Travel Confidently, Tina also spent majority of her life in Asia where she has been sharing travel tips and interesting facts about the latest vacation trends.

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