Gambling Facts in Monaco and More

Gambling is not the only activity you can engage in when you’re in Monaco. This European country is also a tourism hub.

Monaco is home to the Exotic Gardens and Observation Cave that is only a walking distance from the Grand Casino. Opened in 1933 by Prince Albert great-great-grandfather, this place that offers grottoes, footpaths and caverns is perfect for a stroll.

If you are interested in shopping, you can check out the Carre d’Or boutiques for wide selection of jewelry, antiques and fashion pieces.

Aside from that, Monaco is also teeming with activities, year-round.

There is the The Princess of Hanover’s Rose Ball in March, Tennis Masters Series in April, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in May, the outdoor concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra in July, and the International Marathon in November.

You might however want to look for accommodations outside of Monaco so you can save money.

Here are other facts about Monaco worth noting.
• Monaco is the world’s second smallest country, yet the richest.
• Citizens are not charged with individual income tax. Businesses pay tax but on a lower rate. This is the reason why the affluent love it here.
• Locals are not allowed to gamble although they can enter casinos.
• There is zero unemployment rate here.
• Three James Bond films – Casino Royale, Goldeneye and Never Say Never Again – featured the Monte Carlo Casino.
• There is no airport in Monaco. Although there is a heliport that can be really busy during peak seasons , with a helicopter landing every 20 minutes. So how do you get there aside from taking helicopters? You can either ride a train or a yacht. You can also Land to Cote d’Azur airport located in Nice, France, which is 30-minute away from Monaco.

Casinos to check out in Monaco

You need not be a millionaire to gamble in Monaco casinos although you need to have funds to use, of course. If you just want to try the experience, then set a budget for yourself and stick hard to it.

Here are few casinos to see for yourself during your stay.

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino is among the most popular sites in Monte Carlo.

Built in 1878, this attraction was designed by Charles Garnier, the same architect for the Paris Opera House. One will feel like a royalty with the marble floors, sculptures, stained glass windows and onyx columns that make up the Monte Carlo Casino interior.

Casino Cafe de Paris

Looking for an American-style casino? Then check out Casino Cafe de Paris.

This casino that is open year-round to serve guests has the largest array of slot-machines on the Riviera. You will never run out of options, from video poker, to multi-game machines.

Aside from the wide variety of games, you also can enjoy at the decor that is reminiscent of a science fiction movie. The gigantic arches of Casino cafe de Paris diffuse colored lights that imbibe/give out a different vibe.

Casino Du Palais De La Mediterranee

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Mediterranean?

Palm trees, yes? That’s exactly what you will see in this hotel-casino and more.

Refurbished in 2004 to give it a new look, the Mediterranean Palace features a poolside bar where you can relax while sipping cocktails, enjoying a view of the beautiful sunset.

Note that passports are required so make sure upon entrance to bring yours.


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