Make Your Holiday in Australia Special


If you want to go on a holiday somewhere full of fun, experiences and diverse sights, Australia is the perfect place to visit. Whatever you seek out for fun, the chances are that Australia can offer it.

If you love the big city, you might consider staying in Sydney or another capital city. Sydney offers an enjoyable cruise on the lovely Sydney Harbor. You can also enjoy one of the many magnificent events held at the Sydney Opera House.

If you are into horse racing, Melbourne is the place to visit. They have one of the best facilities for horse racing in the world. Every first Tuesday in November they run the Melbourne Cup here.

If gambling is more your style, Perth has one of the nicest world-class resorts just for gamblers. You also have the Star City Casino in Sydney that is one of the better and largest casinos around. This casino has over 1,500 slot machines and gaming tables. The Endeavor Room inside the casino offers a luxury party atmosphere with premium gaming. The Star City Casino is full of private suites, luxury rooms and plenty of fine dining.

If you are visiting the Hobart area and want to gamble, the Wrest Point Hotel Casino is the one to visit. Here they have more than 650 slot machines and 20 tables of games that offer several opportunities for a win. In this casino, more than 300 jackpots are won monthly, giving both the casual and professional gambler a chance to hit a big win. The Wrest Point Hotel Casino has a non-smoking slot area for those who want to gamble in a smoke-free environment.

Another great casino is the Sky City Adelaide. The Sky City has slot machines with car jackpots and big winnings. With over 800 slot machines and more than 75 blackjack and craps tables, there is always an opportunity to win some money here.

If you are looking for quiet time away from the hustle of the big city, Australia is the perfect spot with so many unspoiled locations in the outback. Why not try to strike it rich while visiting Australia? You can visit the city of Coober Pedy and mine for opals. From there, experience the great culture of the Aborigines. See and learn all about their arts and crafts that have been passed down for thousands of year.

If you like wide-open areas, visit Ayer’s Rock in Central Australia. You will see plenty of emus and kangaroos nearby as you view the display of gorgeous colors on the massive rock.

For the water sports lover, Australia is the perfect place for diving or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. The seacoast in Darwin is one of the most beautiful you will ever see.

One of the best things about a holiday in Australia is the people. Always offering an Aussie welcome and plenty of humor, these people will be a part of your memory long after you go home. They will add to your holiday by making it something you will never forget.


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