How to build an online playing strategy at roulette

One thing is for sure that no matter which casino you go into, either online or off, you will always find a game of roulette to play, Roulette, which originates from the South of France, has been around in more or less the traditional format for around 400 years. The brain behind roulette was a famous mathematician by the name of Pascal, who developed the game as a form of experimentation to see how many times numbers would come up and if there was any pattern. Needless to say, after about twelve million spins Pascal moved on to something else. What Pascal discovered and many millions after him was that that’s the excitement of roulette -you will never know where the ball will land when the roulette wheel stops spinning.

Another major attraction for players is that the game of roulette is very straightforward, and there’s absolutely no need for players to involve themselves in any form of strategy except knowing where to place their bets and for how much.

That was the format that worked for hundreds of years until the game hit the United States around 150 years ago. The French were shocked when they discovered that the Americans had changed the name and even more so by adding an extra zero. That meant they were now 38 numbers, instead of the original 37, and that extra zero doubled the chances of a player losing all of their table bets in one fell swoop.

This development was far from welcome among roulette players, and it virtually killed the spread of the game in the United States, while in Europe it continued to enjoy considerable popularity.

And so the game of roulette remained until about twenty years ago when the fast online versions began to appear. Roulette made a better online transition than many people expected simply because players have more time to sit down and establish playing strategies that could help them to come out ahead after almost every session.

If there were statistics available for players in land casinos, they would more than likely show that the ones who win consistently are liable to place more conservative wagers, such as even money bets on red and black coming up which pays even money; combination bets around a number where the odds can be four or five to one against, according to the combination of chips placed; or even up to betting on whether the ball will land on any one of twenty six numbers against twelve ( two columns of twelve numbers and both zeros) against one column of twelve numbers. In this scenario, the chances are high and the odds are very low, approximately 5 – 7 on.

If you are a believer in statistics and are against intervention and spur of the moment bets, you can actually wager automatically on roulette, which is probably one of the only online games where you can do so. This is something very worth checking out, once you have established a winning online roulette strategy.


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