Macau – Asia’s Gambling Capital

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If you are planning a trip to Macau soon, it is the perfect place for gambling, gaming, food, night life and shopping. Macau was once just a small area in China, but today, it is one of the biggest gambling and gaming centers in the world. Macau is located right above the Pearl River in Hong Kong. In the past decade, the tourism industry in Macau did a wonderful business due to the gaming and gambling facilities located there. The revenue from gambling in Macau has now surpassed the revenue in Las Vegas. Gambling and gaming are undoubtedly the biggest attractions in Macau, and thousands of tourists visit Macau every year. Macau is well-known for being the largest casino location in all of Asia, and the city is home to many hotels that offer gambling games.

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When visiting Macau, you should plan to visit some of the famous casinos listed below.

Casino Lisboa Macau is one of Macau’s iconic gambling places. For years, it was the only casino around. They have made their name well-known for their promiscuous cabaret shows, rowdiness and smoke-filled rooms. Today, the casino is a bit more modernized, but the Lisboa casino has retained some of the colonial-day charm.
The Grand Lisboa casino is located inside a 250 m skyscraper shaped like a lotus. It has a nice range of games including Texas hold’em, a famous “Crazy Paris” show, and an elaborate buffet restaurant.

The Wynn Macau casino is around the corner from the Grand Lisboa casino. It has over 100,000 square feet of space for the casino games and gambling, and you can enjoy the lovely Italian restaurant “Ristorante il Teatro” while watching the popular Wynn Performance Fountain.

The Sands Macau casino was once the world’s largest casino until the Venetian came along in 2007. Even though it is not the biggest, it is one of the most impressive gambling locations in Macau. It has one of the best buffet style restaurants around.

One of the more recent casinos, the City of Dreams, is the hottest casino in Macau. Not as large as the Venetian, it is home to more mid-range gamblers. This makes it one of the most popular for the average tourist. They have a virtual aquarium and plenty of shows to offer.

Last but not least is the world’s largest casino, The Venetian. The Venetian has over 600,000 square feet of gambling space with over 800 gambling tables and 3,400 slot machines. These are all spread among four special themed gaming areas. One of the most extravagant dining and shopping complexes is located inside The Venetian.
If you have plans to visit Macau soon, make sure you visit some of these exciting casinos for a day or night of fun-filled adventure.

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