Find out how high rollers live it up with Monte Carlo casino gambling

Casinos, wherever they’re located, usually have a certain character that appeals to specific types of people. Sometimes, it’s the location of the casinos that’s the attraction, especially for those who see casinos as more recreation and entertainment rather than business and the end game with financial success. Others look for the casinos with the most number of tournaments, challenges, gaming tables and just the highest potential for earning a big sum of money.

Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco has a different kind of allure. For one, it’s recognized and known for being the playground of the very rich and the very elegant. It has its own particular brand of charm being located on the French Riviera which gives the casinos in Monte Carlo a background like no other. It is home to five extremely diverse casinos, each designed and built to cater to its players and guests specific tastes and needs.

Originally, casinos were allowed in Monaco as a way to salvage the House of Grimaldi by using the revenues generated from them to pay off the debts of the family. It took the tandem of Francois and Louis Blanc who started the Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo to successfully pull Monaco out of its grave. Today, all the casinos in Monte Carlo are controlled and governed by the Société des bains de mer de Monaco (SBM).

There are currently five casinos in Monte Carlo:

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Is the original casino, the first of all the great casinos which was inaugurated in 1863. It’s Belle Epoque architecture is recognized around the world and exudes the elegance and prestige attributed to the royal and grandiose character of the locale. It offers the most complete array of table games, like roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, to name a few.

Casino Café de Paris

If Casino de Monte Carlo exudes the old world with its tradition and rules, Casino Café de Paris is its modern and chaotic counterpart. Designed with the latest collection of slot machines, it also offers a considerable number of American table games. Since the decorum is rather hip and cool, there is really no strict dress code being applied to players, unlike with the Casino de Monte Carlo.

Sun Casino

Is reminiscent of the American gaming atmosphere with a trendy décor and relaxed and casual environment. If you’re up for some thrills, you may want to check out their no limit Texas Hold’em poker rooms.

Monte Carlo Bay Casino

Is one of the few casinos situated within a hotel, as Monte Carlo Bay Casino is located at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort. It complements the ritzy nightlife that you can experience at the Sporting Monte Carlo nightclub a short distance away. It’s trendy, ultra-modern, spacious and offers the lowest starting bets in Monte Carlo.

Casino La Rascasse

Is more of a gamer’s paradise than an actual casino because it offers 85 slot machines arrayed within the first floor of the La Rascasse. You can even enjoy the view of the harbor while playing with the slot machines in the outdoor area.

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