Online Gambling has Revolutionized the Industry

From the very first moment that man carved a set of dice out of wood, gambling has been a popular pastime. Well-known games like blackjack and baccarat date back hundreds of year, yet, if anything, the thrill of the wager has only grown in scale and scope over time. For years gambling was restricted to venues (casinos) in areas where gambling was legal, most famously in Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the United States, and on the Riviera in Europe. However, a gambling revolution occurred at the end of the last century, as part of the upheaval brought about by the Internet. Although the World Wide Web has changed the way we shop, interact, research and communicate, perhaps the most significant change relates to the way we gamble. Almost overnight, millions of people who had been doing their betting in land-based casinos (and many who had never gambled at all) were joining online casinos and starting to gamble on the Internet. Before the end of the first decade of this century, online gambling revenues were estimated at more than $20 billion.

Online Casinos Are Convenient and Safe

While slots and blackjack had always been popular in land-based casinos, the Internet expanded the selection of games way beyond what had previously been available. Although “real” casinos are massive, they can house only a limited number of machines and tables; the Internet – a virtual world without borders, walls or boundaries – can hold an endless number of games, and it allows a limitless number of people to gamble at the same time. Size and game selection, however, are just two aspects of online gambling that make it such an exciting and game-changing phenomenon. The leading feature that makes Internet casinos so popular is the convenience – the ability to gamble without leaving the house or spending extra money on flights and hotels. Rain or shine, night and day, the online casinos are accessible to all, and that is the number-one reason for their attractiveness and the millions of users they draw.


Technology Works in Your Favour in Online Casinos

At the dawn of the online-gambling era, people were initially cautious about spending money on the Internet, as well as about giving their personal details, particularly their bank information. As time went on, however, it became clear that the industry had many built-in safety features that protected confidential information and gave users a sense of security as they played. Technology worked to players’ advantage, as password protection and encryption was enabled by the cutting-edge software that online casinos were starting to use. Well-known land-based bookmakers, such as the UK’s William Hill Slot Games , made the transition to the Internet and brought their reputation for reliability and expertise with them. As a result, this well-respected company has an online casino with millions of members, who enjoy the professional approach that only decades of experience can offer.

Online Casinos are Lucrative and Exciting

From the very beginning, the online gambling industry has aimed to be as user-friendly as possible, in stark contrast to land-based casinos that are cold and overwhelming (albeit flashy and colourful). Customer service is an important feature of every online casino, with help desks that are manned around the clock and that can be reached by various modes of communication. Most major gambling sites have personnel that speak a number of languages, and financial transactions can be made in a range of currencies. Again, convenience is the focus, and these websites do everything they can to make their members feel comfortable and welcome, including offering big bonuses when new players join. For all these reasons and more, online gambling is an exciting and enticing form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people around the world.


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