Being consistent when playing roulette is the best strategy to adopt

For many players thinking about strategy and roulette doesn’t really go well together. The main reason is that when it comes to play action, there is no such thing as a roulette player. All that can happen is a player decides on which numbers they will place their bets and how many chips, they will wager on each possible combination. After that it’s all down to fate and statistics.

It makes no difference whether played online or off, the game of roulette is very straightforward. It is all based around a croupier who spins the roulette wheel, always in the same direction, and as it rotates, he places a small white ball inside the wheel. Eventually as the wheel loses impetus, the ball will land in one of the notches on the wheel, which denotes both a number and a color.

Although originally the European version of roulette had a single zero, when the game moved to America, the casinos there added an extra zero, which set the odds slightly better in favour of the house. Irrespective of whether there are one or two zeros, there are always 36 table numbers, ranging from 1-36 inclusive. Numbers are obviously either odd or even, and red or black.

So when it comes to betting, roulette players who understand a little about the game, know where to place their bets, and especially enjoy on the online versions where they have much more time to do so. Players bet on eventualities, from the chances of the ball landing on a particular number, where the odds are high and the chances low. Players who look for a middle of the road betting strategy will consistently do better than who are either too conservative or too aggressive in their betting patterns. While, as any roulette players will tell you, there is nothing better than hitting a number on the nose and being paid out a mountain of chips, but the law of averages decrees, that it cannot happen every spin, unless the player covers every number on the table

One of the many advantages of playing roulette online is that a roulette player can always have access to the statistics of their play action, wagering patterns and their returns. These statistics invariably show that roulette players who win consistently are the ones placing medium to low value bets, running upwards from even money bets on red and black, which pays even money as well as a list of combination bets around a number where the odds can be four or five to one against, according to the combination of chips placed; or even up to betting on whether the ball will land on any one of twenty six numbers against twelve ( two columns of twelve numbers and both zeros) against one column of twelve numbers. In this scenario, the chances are high and the odds are very low, approximately 5 – 7 on.

Players, who believe in statistics, will know that the original concept of roulette was developed by the famous French mathematician Pascal. There are generally very few people more consistent than a mathematician, and it’s possible to understand why players who play and think consistently will stand a much greater chance of finishing every session ahead of the game.

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