The Poker life in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is a perfect city for living. Everything that is available in the big cities of Western Europe, USA or Japan (just examples) is available in Sofia. However, the prices of everything you desire are in times cheaper. For example a nice dinner for two with drinks, in one of the most expensive restaurants will be something in the range 40-60 BGN (20-30 Euros). For the partying type of guys there are many discoes, with some of the most beautiful women in the world (Sin City, Night Flight, Biad, Revue). All you need is 50-100 BGN (25-50 Euros) in the pocket and few friends with you. For the nature loving type of guys –the mountain Vitosha is just next to the city, suitable for nice walks during the summer or skiing during the winter. Now, let’s talk about the gambling part.

The gambling world in Sofia is growing with each day. There is not even one neighborhood without a casino in it (in the center of the city, there is a casino on every corner). The good news is that some of the biggest casinos, started to put poker rooms in them. That was a huge success and there are games 24/7.

The most known poker casinos in Sofia are Casino Capitol, Casino Rila and Casino Princess. To avoid confusion keep in mind that 2 BGN equals roughly 1 Euro.
Casino Capitol
Casino Capitol is in the center of Sofia, in RADISSON BLU GRAND HOTEL. At the moment there are six tables, available for poker. The most common type of game that is played is No Limit Texas Hold’em, 1/2 BGN or No Limit Dealer’s choice 1/2 BGN. The tournaments there are with the most attendance and are always full, before even the starts of the tournament –to see what tournaments are available go the official web page – You can make a reservation by calling +359 879 119 149 or going to the casino and register on place. There are a lot of rags but also plenty of fish to make your day great. Especially at the tournaments the majority of the players are fishy donks who just love to gamble and don’t care about the money at all. In this casino during the late hours of the night there are some pretty big games in the VIP room so if you are high staker I suggest you this place.

Casino Rila is in the center too and is placed in Rila Hotel. The poker room is placed on the -1 floor. The tables available are four. Again, the most common game to play is No Limit Texas Hold’em 1/2 BGN or No Limit Dealer’s choice 1/2 BGN. The tournaments are available to be played from Tuesday to Sunday. To see what tournaments are available go to their facebook page, where you can even make your reservation.

In both Casino Rila and Casino Capitol there are bigger games available from time to time for the gambling kind of guys and real poker pros. But for more information, call or write to the managers of the two casinos. You can find their contact details online, if you want to.

Casino Princess was the biggest casino group in town, but got problems with some law issues and closed doors last year. In October 2012 it re-opens with two poker rooms – one in hotel Princess (300 meters from the train station and bus station of Sofia) and one in “Mladost”. Every poker player in Bulgaria expects with impatience their come-back. Casino Princess is also host of the biggest poker games in second biggest city in Bulgaria- Plovdiv. The service there is quite nice and the games are usually good. The limits are starting from 1-2 BGN and reaching quite often 5-10 BGN and even further in the VIP rooms.
These are the main places of poker action in Sofia, Bulgaria. Keep in mind not to play a home game with strangers as you may feel be cheated.


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  1. Dave says:

    None of this is true anymore. It is a nightmare trying to find a good cash game or tournament in Sofia. If you want to play poker in Bulgaria, you have to go to Plovdiv now.

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