Roulette Strategy


Roulette is one of most exciting opportunities to win (or lose) some money, or simply have some nice time. The prevailed view that roulette is all about luck isn’t true, actually there are some strategies, which can provide profits or at least minimize the losses.

This article won’t explain all strategies in detail, god thanks there are hundreds of websites and books fully devoted to this topic. But we just want to give you an idea, where to start and what to look at.

If you want to see the list of roulette strategies, you can have a look at this website. If you prefer to read the books, you should check this book out: Guerrilla Gambling: How to Beat the Casinos at Their Own Games! The book provides tones of advices how to make some money in casinos.

Overall, there are several quantitative and qualitative strategies, which increase your chances when playing roulette. For example:

Martingale Roulette Strategy – maybe one of most popular gambling strategies (applicable not only to roulette). Here you simply increase your bet, until you win. Profitable most of the time, extremely painful sometimes!

Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy – increase your bet after a win, decrease your bet after you lose. What sounds like a “Voodoo science”, isn’t that much “Voodoo” if you have a look at psychological aspects of gambling.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy – work through Fibonacci sequence to your first million! (Why not, sounds like a plan). If we assume that Fibonacci numbers can be found everywhere, it makes sense to assume that this sequence can be found also in Roulette (ask Max Cohen from π, if you don’t believe me).

For more information about how to play online roulette, check out the websites and the book I provided and read it until your brain hurts. Than practice it on free roulette somewhere in web. Afterwards you can go for your first million 🙂

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