Say hello to Omaha poker

With all the fuss going around these days about Texas hold ’em poker, it may be little wonder that the Omaha version is taking a bit of a backseat. That’s a bit of a shame because Omaha poker can also be very exciting and is, in actual fact, one of the most favourite games of the top poker professionals.

While the Omaha version of poker has been around for many years, it was only when it began to make its way online, did it begin to gain some form of recognition. Recognition that has steadily increased till Omaha has become a favourite for connoisseurs of poker. The reason might be, that unlike Texas Hold’em, the style of play required to enjoy Omaha poker does not really lend itself to online tournament play , although online, there are always table games to be found on most of the leading poker rooms, around the clock, for those who prefer to play their poker Omaha style. .

In order to enjoy the game, it would be wise to gain an understanding of the rules, skills and strategies of Omaha poker and hopefully without it costing too much money. Any novice Omaha poker player can always pick out a poker room and join up as a guest. Any reputable room will always greet guests warmly, and there will be bound other beginning level players to play against and practice on till it’s time to put money on the table. One thing that is for sure is that the skill factors needed to be a competent Omaha Poker player are very high and any player who mistakenly think that good luck and a bit of bluster will get them through are liable to discover themselves learning an expense of listening to the contrary

To begin with Omaha poker, unlike Texas Hold’em, is always played with a pot limit. That means that players can only raise their bets up to value of the pot. There are none other dramatic massive raises and “ all ins” that are regular occurrences on Texas Hold’em, which might well explain why it is less popular, on one hand and a major preference among the thinking players on the other.

On an Omaha poker table, he hands are played using the rotating blind system, and it is not unusual to find nine or even ten players playing a hand. After the ante bets have been placed, players are dealt four cards, all of them face down. That’s when a player has to decide on the strength of their hand, and whether to bet, fold or rise. Players who decide to remain in the hand continue to place their bets, after which, a further three cards are dealt, this time face upwards.

At this stage, another round of betting will take place, after which an eighth card is dealt, another round of betting takes place and then a river card is dealt. After the river card has been dealt, players play out the hand with a final round of betting.

What appeals to many about Omaha poker is that a player has the chance to make a very strong poker hand, out of nine cards, instead of the seven dealt in Texas Hold’em and because table limits have to be adhered to, there is no place for all the power play that so permeates the Texas version of the game and the skill levels required to win on a regular basis are so much higher.


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