The definitive dos and don’ts that you need to know when playing Texas Hold’em Poker

There has always been certain glamour about playing poker. That must be the reason why hundreds of thousands played a game in all its various forms over the years, and continue to do so every night and every day online.
Any Texas Holdem poker fan who has ever watched a high stakes cash game or a televised knock out tournament will usually be very surprised at the different strategies a top Texas Holdem poker player will adopt when coming in with a low value pocket pair.
There are a number of factors that will determine how a player will compete for the pot with what is often regarded a problematic hand by experienced Texas Holdem players.
The first factor that a player with a low pocket pair will consider is where they are positioned at the table. If two or more players in the hand have already opened with a bet, then the chances are that an experienced player will fold before the flop. If a player draws a low pair when they are either on the small blind or big blind then they will weigh up how much they need to invest to take part in the hand, if it is not too much then they may well take a chance.
The next factor that needs to be taken into account is the nature of the game, if the player dealt the low value pocket pair is taking part in a Texas Holdem online poker tournament they will usually calculate the odds and the risk factor in a much different manor than in a cash game.

In a tournament situation, players whose chip stack is relatively strong are liable to take a chance on a low value pocket pair, especially if they suspect that one or more of the players may not have a strong hand and are looking to bluff. In a Texas Hold’em poker cash game, certain players will be a lot more conservative and will fold low value pairs before the flop, unless they can get away with checking. There is always exception to the rule and, anyone who watches the large televised Poker Holdem cash games, will take note that there are players who will never fold a low pocket pair, at least not before the flop.

Generally in no limit Holdem, it is normal practice for an experienced player to fold if there is no improvement on their after the flop, unless no other player bets, calls or rises.

In the unlikely event that all the players remaining in the hand decide to check going into Fourth Street or even the river card, then the player will obviously either check or even might test the strength of their opponents by making a small bet.

Building and winning a hand at Texas HoldEM with a low pair (seven or downwards) is do-able, though not often for the faint hearted. There are a number of factors that will decide a player’s strategy on how to play such a hand and for that reason it is difficult to generalise but important to understand.
At one time, before the online revolution, beginners to poker used to drop like flies before they even got the chance to develop a feel for the game. That was because there was no such thing as playing as a guest for free in an online poker room until the time was right and enough experience had been gained to begin to play for cash.
Yet even with this facility so readily available, many beginners to the world of online poker refused to wait and throw themselves in at the deep end and come out feeling very wait and probably very broke.
No one likes to see this happen and poker rooms will give every assistance to beginners to prevent it from happening. Spending a few weeks, or even a few months learning the ins and outs of playing poker, either by accessing the vast amount of information that there is a few short mouse clicks away or by playing as against in real games against fellow beginners from every corner of the global will also want to take a share of the fun and excitement that can be from playing Texas Hold ’em poker.
That is the biggest and most common mistake that Texas Hold ’em players will make at the start of their career.
Only they can decide when the time is right to begin to play for real money. Their first few attempts in a live game environment will be for them like flying solo, and like piloting an airplane, they cannot afford to make too many mistakes. Yet many new players do.
Usually these mistakes are brought on by too much excitement or the player’s inability to keep their cool under pressure. It is a common misconception that one line players do not give away “tells”. Despite the fact that their opponents maybe sitting on the other side of the world, but they enough experience to read exactly what the new beginner is desperately trying to cover up about their hand.
The trick is for a new beginner to online poker is to play tentatively until the game some form of composure and confidence in their ability to play the game. In time the good hands will come along and with them the ability to extract the maximum profit from each situation that will come up when playing online poker.
Like any student, the learning process is never really over and players should never make the mistake of becoming complacent and thinking that they have nothing left to learn about playing Texas Hold ’em poker online.




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