Top Superhero Slots games for 2014

Online slots games have been growing in popularity over the past 5 years, with comic book themed slots by far the most popular. From Tomb Raider through to Iron man, they are free to play unless you want to pay and they are great for bringing to life some of our favourite characters. The sheer amount of choice available is the first big bonus point. I mean there is a slots game for almost every Marvel character every created. What makes them so popular is the combination of excellent graphics, some are as great as console games like Call of Duty, the game play is so varied and ultimately it is the chance to become you most loved superhero. So, which are the best ones to play this year? Well here are some to whet your appetite.

The Avengers

I had to start with Marvel because they are a personal favourite and who doesn’t love a good Marvel character? Whether you are a fan of Captain America or Wolverine, there is a game for you out there. The Avenger is definitely a top tip to have a go at this year. It is based o the film franchise, bringing it to life through animation and some of the best graphics available. The game play is excellent, with a huge variety of bonus levels that link in nicely to the film…a point that many games companies miss.  All the classic Avengers characters are found here, brought to life through realistic sound effects. A top tip would be to have a go at the Thor feature as it is one of the best ways to win over 7,000 times your bet one of the highest slots payouts in the UK, even if you are playing for free.


The Dark Knight Rises

Another film franchise game…you will notice that as a common theme here. The Dark Knight Rises is possibly the best DC Comics game available, if only for the real life depictions of the characters. You will notice as soon as you begin playing that the graphics come straight from the film adding an extra layer to the game. Along with the excellent fun you will have trying to land on your favourite characters, you will notice a huge amount of combination wins, which is the whole point at the end of the day. In between spins, you will get the chance to watch actual snippets from the film, so if you haven’t seen it I would do so before playing the game.


Heroes War

Heroes war is a 25 pay line, 5 reel game that moves away from the big named characters and offers us some brand new superheroes. You will be playing as 3 different heroes and their 2 enemies, you will have the chance to try and defeat the bad guys, whilst playing as heroes who were just ordinary people before the world was attacked by evil forces! The graphics in this game have a very 1980’s feel to them; it really feels like you are playing within an actual comic book which is refreshing. This follows on with the sounds that are heavily influenced by some of the classic superhero sound effects that we know and love. It is definitely a fun take and original in its approach.


Max Damage

Finally, this one is just for those of us that love PacMan and Donkey Kong. Max Damage is a true throwback to the 1980’s arcade style gaming. The graphics, the gameplay, the story line….everything screams arcade fun. The basic premise is you play the hero’s defending the earth from alien invasion and if you loved playing asteroids you will definitely love this game. There are many bonus levels to be had too, known as boosters, where you can either double your money, or your free credit. This is different from the other games mentioned here as it is all about the nostalgia factor, fun sound effects and game play that will remind you of your younger years.

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