Travel India – Indian Destination Goa and the Fun of Gambling

Pristine, crystal clear beaches and mouthwatering sea food are good examples of words that can best describe Goa. Bordering the Arabian Sea and snuggled in Western Ghats, Goa is a region in India that is distinguished by its white sands, sparkling blue waters and swaying palms. It has 66 miles of unique beaches that have made the region a tourist destination to reckon with.

Naturally rich in flora and fauna and with its spectacular falls and green foliage, the region is a paradise for holiday makers. According to Hindu mythology, God Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, fired his arrow into the sands and Goa magically emerged. This could be why Goa holidays are unique and amazing. The region has been a colony of Portugal for centuries and this makes it a wonderful blend of Indian and Portuguese culture and customs.

The region incorporates the four C’S – Churches, Casinos, Cuisine and Carnivals. A traveler will have a great experience because it is a place that has everything for everyone and anyone. The atmosphere is exuberant and the native Goans are hospitable people. The region enjoys tropical monsoon weather in May and mild winters that start from mid-December and last till February. The best time to visit Goa is in winter when the temperatures are serene and the seas are calm though it looks more pristine in summer.

One can reach Goa by Air, Bus or Train and there are numerous great places to stay. Shopaholics will love the colorful markets and bazaars. There are a few offices near Goa offering passport service to foreigners traveling to the region. Goan cuisine consists of rice, seafood, coconut milk and the local spices which are intense due to the fact of the area being located in tropical climate. Goan food is considered incomplete without fish.

Apart from the Carnival festivals which take place in February and attract millions of visitors, the Goa nightlife bustling with discotheques, casinos and bars are another reason why people throng here to rejuvenate and enjoy a relaxed vacation.

Goa is one of the few states in India where gambling is considered to be legal. The state permits both electronic casinos and on land casinos as well as live off shores ones. In 2007, the officials in the state actually made the decision to increase the number of valid licenses for most off-shore boating casinos. This was a frantic attempt to make Goa as successful as Macau which was also a former Portuguese Colony.

Casinos are scattered across many of the five star hotels and on boats, docked to the Mandovi River. There are roughly 12 casinos in Goa. Most of the action, with live tables, takes place on the floating casinos. A traveler can try their luck at some of these casinos which include Casino Royale (the largest passenger/entertainment vessel ever built in the India), Casino Carnival, Casino Caravela (the first of the gaming Ship and pioneered the concept of off-shore gaming), Chances Casino and Resort and Dunes at the Zuri White Sands.


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