What to do in Monte Carlo during the days, after gambling nights

There are just as many places you can visit in the world and have fun, while getting some significant cultural input as well, that making a choice for a perfect holiday proves to be really hard, especially when you’re usually busy and it gets to be your only free time in a season or even two. But we’re here to help and Monte Carlo is, without doubt the best place to be. Moreover, we won’t even be talking about where to have fun – because clearly you’ll find the way to that yourself – but the places to visit in-between the tough, long nights, full of music, good whiskey and gambling. You’ll find out that there are amazing relaxing things to do during the day as well.

Gazing at the ocean for over a century, this is where this amazing huge bag of maritime curiosities has always been, gathering scientific and cultural relevant facts for the nature lovers as well as for all the curious visitors who happen to be around and have some spare time and want to try something new. The Oceanographic Museum in Monte Carlo is one of the most popular destinations in Monaco, where over half a million people a year decide to follow the two and a half hours tour. Over 6 000 thousand species of inhabitants of the coral reef, living unimpeded in a habitat that’s as good as the natural one, where you’ll find yourself spellbound by all the vivid colors and diversity that’s impressively ocular and perceptible, that looks like a very well-animated movie. An aquarium of over 450 square meters with different species of sharks, moral eels, turtles and jacks roaming around, surrounded by such similar life conditions with the ones in the natural biosphere, that you’ll also see sea plants and real corals among the colorful swimmers.

Another great attraction of the country is the Monaco Cathedral that under no circumstance can you miss visiting, a Roman-Byzantine masterpiece, with an opulent, dazzling, luxurious interior that will carry you way back into the historical times when all the national and foreign personalities lived their glory. After having acquired such cultural experience, what you can do to make your day even more relaxing is visit the Exotic Gardens and the Observation Cave. A great range of plants makes the place look very exotic, as well as you can even get the feeling that you’re in Japan for a part of the visit, while walking through the specially collected and spruce flower species, arranged with such taste that the whole environment looks like a huge, great painting you’ve been transposed into. You don’t have to be a botanist to admire the exuberance of these astonishingly beautiful blossoming frail plants. One of the greatest attractions of the place are the cacti – such inspiring, lash, savage part of the wilderness. And you can’t leave the place without visiting the spectacularly formed stalactites and stalagmites that have molded in millennia, inside an over 60 meters below ground cave.

If you want to take a walk, the greatest thing we can recommend is the old city, where you’ll be passing over culturally extremely important monuments that are so great preserved that may even take you back in time for a moment. You can start the tour at Place d’Armes, the central market square that you’ll most probably be passing through if you get in here by train. While admiring the natural blast of the city, you’ll notice, looking up, the Bastion de Seravalle dominating the way, as a guardian of the city, surrounded by all these medieval elements giving the place a genuine ancient look. The great clock tower, for instance, was raised sometime during the XIXth century, but it looks medieval because the locals were preoccupied, even back then, with preserving the distinction of the place as a national responsibility to be carried along with the legends of the legacy.

A monk concealing a sword’s who will welcome you at the end of the route on Palace Square, a religious historical figure known under the name of ‘Malizia’, popular for storming the palace during the first half of the XIIIth century and creating the ruling dynasty. While the palace is only very interesting in matters of historical facts and you’ll only completely enjoy it if you’re a passionate of the domain, the panoramic views are magnificent for any tourist, looking imposing and grandiose during the day and elegant and opulent during the night.


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