Why online bingo has become such a major craze

One of the major attractions of wagering online is that there is a game to suit every player’s taste, from small moving but stable roulette to the grinding action of craps, as well as all the other casino standards. These games have been around a long time, have changed little and can still be found in any land casino anywhere in the world.
However, there is a game that has become an online sensation, despite the fact that it has never been played in a land casino in its relatively short history.

That game is bingo, and players all over the world have discovered the thrills and spills are playing this fast moving form of online lottery gives tremendous excitement.

Bingo has been around offline for around fifty years, played mostly in Europe, and especially the UK, during the Fifties and early Sixties. Bingo entrepreneurs sprang up all over the country, operating nightly bingo sessions, where as many players that could be crammed into the same hall, hoping that their numbers would come up. The more players in the same room playing bingo the larger the prizes and the bigger their cut for the hall owners.

What many of them discovered, that unlike a casino, bingo was played against other against each other, and the bingo hall owners could only charge an entry fee, and take a minor percentage out of each card that they sold. Many began to realize that the costs of operating a bingo hall were substantial, and it was only a matter of time before they began to close their doors, till there were very few left, and only in the major cities.

It looked like the end of bingo till the glorious days of the online gaming revolution began. At first bingo lovers could only play in their own homes, which no one was really complaining about. The players were happy, the online bingo rooms were happy, because their costs were a lot lower and there were a lot more players, making for one of these win-win situations where everybody was happy.

Soon the major online casino networks began to develop the ever popular online bingo tournament sessions, with hundreds if not thousands of players taking part and the prize money reaching into astronomical figures. Add to that the fact that even though bingo is not really a traditional casino game, the management of most of the top online casinos soon began to look upon it as such, and began to offer players welcome, match deposit bonuses, loyalty point schemes and all the perks that online casinos offer.

These days, thanks to the development of mobile technologies and Wi-Fi, bingo lovers can now play not just whenever they want but also wherever they may be.

That means players who are stuck in a snow storm or waiting for their train to come can enjoy a Bingo session. It certainly beats reading the newspaper, or looking out the window.

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