You don’t need to be a Kamikaze Pilot

Anyone who has had the chance to compare the differences between playing blackjack online or in a land casino cannot help but notice the difference.

To help understand why there is such a difference, it’s important to understand that land casino owners and managers love their blackjack tables, simply because that is where they make the most profit. And the reason why they make the most profits is that most of the visitors gravitate towards a blackjack table because, that’s where they have the most fun, complete a pleasant evening, impress their girlfriends and in the unlikely event that the win any money, go home satisfied.

That’s all very well but there’s no reason to sacrifice your money in the name of entertainment and it’s even worse to sacrifice other players at the table‚Äôs money. However, playing blackjack like a kamikaze pilot will more or less bring that result to players who understand a little about the rules and strategies of blackjack, and would like to enjoy themselves playing the game and hopefully come out of the session, ahead a little.

Blackjack is basically a simple game and you don’t need to be a master strategist to push the odds more in your favour. What May kamikaze pilots failed to grasp is the fact that you don’t have to necessarily have a higher value hand than the dealer in order to win (although it does help). There are certain cards that a dealer can be holding which mean that they will be obliged to draw to cards irrespective of what anyone else on the table is holding. These cards are two, three, four, five and six. With more tens and face cards in the pack than anything else, in the majority of cases, it’s best to let the dealer play out their hand rather than try to improve yours, especially if you’re holding an indifferent hand, such as a hard twelve or thirteen. In such an instance there are only two cards that can be dealt, a seven or eight, that will help you to improve your position. On the other hand, almost any card will do damage to the dealer.

But try and explain that piece of commonsense to a kamikaze pilot about to launch a mission then you’ll be wasting your time.

That’s why so many people enjoy now playing blackjack online. They have all the time in the world to choose their strategies knowing that the person sitting beside them will not spoil it for them, by trying to bend the law of statistics to fantastic proportions.

Blackjack played in an online setting is a completely different world, with most of the skills and strategies that may have been learned in a land casino setting still applicable. The principal differences is that online, the dealer plays with only one pack of cards each time, meaning that the probability of face cards appearing are a little bit less. That’s one thing that the blackjack player online has to take into account after that the sky’s the limit.


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