8 Fundamental Tips on How to Beat your Bookmaker

Undoubtedly, billions of dollars are spent worldwide each year wagering on the outcome of sports events. And while some bet on their favorite teams for entertainment, others are sports betting professionals who earn a living from it. Whichever category you may fall into, the ultimate objective remains the same – to win. Therefore, in order to maximise your chances of winning, it would be prudent to seek out expert betting advice that will enable you place your bets wisely. Below, therefore, we take a look at 8 fundamental sports betting tips guaranteed to help you beat your bookmaker as follows:

1. Be knowledgeable

This is, arguably, the most critical of all sports betting tips. It is important that you are well versed with the on goings in the betting industry so that you are able to properly follow the betting lines and odds. This will ensure that you never make an uninformed betting pick.

2. Place bets wisely

Without doubt, the most successful sports betters are those who follow money management systems. Doing so will prevent you from wagering more money on a bet than you should without running the risk of bankruptcy. Therefore, review the management systems offered by your bookmaker and either pick one or design your own.

3. Do not panic when you lose

Prior to placing any wager, you have to be ready to lose. This is because there is no one in the history of sports betting who has never lost a bet. Always remember that the aim is to win more games than those lost.

4. Do not place bets based on emotions

The old adage for sports betting holds true – never bet based on your heart. Betting on your favorite team is universally acknowledged as a dangerous endeavor and since there are numerous sports events to bet on, it is advisable to wager on these others while sitting back and watching your favorite team play.

5. Learn to handle winning runs

Being on a winning streak is great. But while at it, remember that you cannot win every bet you wager. What is important is that you abide by your chosen money management system and the system of making betting picks that has served you so well thus far.

6. Seek handicapping advice

For those who do not have the time or the knowledge to carry out their own sports handicapping, consider advice from the experts. Handicapping experts will carry out analysis on your behalf and tip you on the sports picks that are likely to win.

7. Learn how betting odds work

Betting companies are known to put out betting odds which change frequently. It is, therefore, in your best interests that you are able to follow these changes and understand how they can work to your advantage. Seek out your bookmaker for a guide to betting odds if you are not familiar with how they operate.

8. Establish a sports betting account

Have at least 3 accounts with reputable betting companies in order to make the best of available odds. If you do not know how to open an account, seek out advice from your bookmaker and also enquire whether you are eligible for any sign up bonuses.

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