Top Five Best Poker Players Ever

The first official World Series Of Poker tournament took place in 1970 in Las Vegas’ Benny Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. Since that, hundreds of bracelets have found their owners. But whose names are included into the Poker’s Hall Of Glory? Who has the record number of golden bracelets?

Today we’ll list out all players whose mastership and expertise have allowed them to become the best poker players in the world. These players’ results are of the grandmaster’s level and the level of their game is of the highest rank. They don’t need any books – they write them themselves! So, let us show you top five of best poker players for the whole WSOP history.

1. Phil Hellmuth – 12 golden bracelets.
The scandalous Phil Hellmuth is the holder of the record for the WSOP bracelets number. He is known for his inability to restrain his emotions during the game. In this year, he has got the 12th golden bracelet. Hellmuth is present in the Poker Hall Of Glory. He is the author of several books about poker and regularly attends the sports TV channel shows as an expert. Phil acquired his first golden bracelet on the WSOP tournament in 1989. In 2012 Phil won the bracelet playing in Puzz. Thus, Hellmuth has proved that he is not only a records man but also a real expert in all poker varieties.

2. Doyle Brunson – 10 golden bracelets.
The old guy Brunson used to be present on the poker’s Olympus when many contemporary poker champions wasn’t even born. He is a classical representative (one of founders) of the old school; he plays in his own manner. The super developed reading out of his opponents and intuition are his main weapons most young players lack of. Nowadays Doyle plays seldom because in this year he’ll be 79 years old. Playing on the WSOP 2012 “the poker’s godfather” declared journalists that this World Series Of Poker would be the last one for him. Doyle is a real legendary person. As far as in 1984 he wrote the book entitled “The Super System”, which made him famous. In 1988 he was included in the Poker Hall Of Glory. Brunson is one of a few first players who have managed to earn more than a million dollars with the help of poker and one of a few poker players who have been able to win the WSOP’s Main Event more than once.

3. Johnny Chan – 10 golden bracelets
This legendary player was born in Hong Kong but Johnny lives in the USA since he was 6 years old. Chan seriously liked card games when he was studying at the university. He decided to give up his studies for the poker career. When he was 21, Johnny moved to Vegas where he started actively playing in poker and blackjack. Johnny won his first bracelet in 1985. In 2005 he was the leader for the number of bracelets but then Phil Hellmuth surpassed him. He, unlike other old school players, is cool-blooded, unmistakable and purposefully aggressive. He is a very dangerous opponent.

4. Erik Seidel – 8 golden bracelets.
Before starting his poker career, Seidel professionally played in the backgammon. Erik has the unique style of the card gaming it’s absolutely impossible to estimate it. He is very creative. He acquired his first golden bracelet in 1992. Nowadays he shows superior results: he wins various tournaments for super high rollers and regularly takes part in numerous shows. Seidel won his 8th golden bracelet in 2007 playing in the unlimited 2-7 Lowball.

5. Phil Ivey – 8 golden bracelets.
Non-officially, Ivey is the best young poker player. Despite of the fact that nowadays Phil actively plays for cash his tournament achievements are also a record. This player has long remained “a dark horse”, because (unlike Hellmuth) has no habit to tell a lot about himself or about his style of playing. Ivey is only 27 years old but, as for 2010, his tournament winning amounts were more than 13,5 million dollars. On WSOP 2012 Phil actively tries to win the 9th golden bracelet, they even say that he’s made bets for winning of the bracelet. If he doesn’t get the record 9th bracelet, he will have to pay $900 000 to the poker player Ali Eslami.

The only thing we’d like to add to our list is that there is a certain criterion for each bracelet’s value. The number of bracelets is not decisive when we are going to choose the best ever poker player. In the matter of fact, many bracelets were won too long time ago, when game fields were ten times smaller and professional games could be counted on fingers.

The fresher bracelet is the most valuable. The more popular the discipline in which it has been won, the more prestigious this trophy is. The same principle can be used for the buy-in amount. In this regard, Phil Ivey and Johnny Chan seem to be a little bit more preferable than the rest of poker stars.

Image source: Ross Elliott

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