Las Vegas tips

Las Vegas like most big cities in America has parts of town where you do not want to go. Tourism is the life blood of the city, and the Mayor as well as the police force are well aware of that, making sure the Las Vegas Strip, and the Downtown casino area very safe places to be.

They do say that every con artist or hustler in America will sooner or later end up in Las Vegas so just keep your wits about you , and remember that not everyone is who they say they are.

Poker Players

Over the past few years poker has become very popular around the world, even becoming something that people watch on television. Remember now you are in Vegas the poker capital of the world, and yes you are good you have been playing with your friends at home, and yes you do OK, so why not try and make a few bucks from your skills while you are in Vegas.

It’s now time for a reality check if you sit at a table, and you hear the dealer referring to the other players by their first name get up fast while you have a chance, as the people you have just sat down to play against look at you as their meal ticket. These are professional poker players who do this 365 days a year. None of them are looking to score big just to pick up a few dollars every day off chumps like you.

Now if you think you can play poker the place to go is somewhere where you can play against tourists like yourself. The best time to play is at three o’clock in the morning when all the clubs let out. This is when you have a bunch of drunk guys who want to play poker.

Try the Poker room at the Venetian which is below the night club TAO. At 3am you will see them coming down the two-storey escalator eager to lose their money to you in a game of Poker.

Remember to get a players card for each casino you go to, or better yet just get the Caesars Card and only play in their properties which they own both on the Strip, and Downtown. Make sure to always put the card in any slot machine you are playing and to hand it to a floor supervisor on any table games. When you have decided that you finished playing for the day ask for a comp to get something to eat, and do not be shy, they are not shy when it comes to taking your money.

Also if you are not rich, but want to have a good time play in the casino’s Downtown, where your money will go much further.


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