The Nuts and Bolts of Playing Blackjack

Let’s face it, the average gambler, either online or off, usually has some kind of love hate relationship with blackjack. On one hand the game offers load of excitement to the player, and the constant possibility to be involved in some way with every hand, sometimes doubling and then re-doubling their bets on the same turn of a card. No other casino table game offers that kind of excitement and direct player involvement.

That is the reason why, if you visit a land casino anywhere in the world you will almost always see a bigger and more animated crowd gathered around the blackjack tables than any other, with the possible exception of craps.

Land casinos love crowds, and especially those who gather around the blackjack tables. Not only does it add to that very important atmosphere that the casino needs, but more likely because, although they will never publicly admit it, blackjack is probably the most profitable games in the casino spectrum. Simply because for every one player that understands how to play blackjack, there will be another nine who have absolutely no idea. They are at the casino to have a good time, and really don’t expect to win.

When the first online casinos began to pop up, blackjack players who greeted their arrival with mixed feelings, soon began to realize that a whole new ball game had appeared before them. No longer did they have to cope with the vagaries of others, and they can begin to play the game in its purest form against the bank. The only thing that they had to take into consideration was that instead of playing against the dealer who shuffled four or sometimes six packs of cards, in the online version they had only to deal with one pack and with it the reduction of face cards which meant a change in tactics.

For example, if the virtual dealer is holding a card with a value of four, five and especially a six, means that they will inevitably have to draw at least two cards (except an ace if the dealer is holding a six). In such a situation, a player should think twice before drawing a card, as every high value card that is taken from the dealer is liable to cause the bank to bust. The only exception to that rule should arise when a player is dealt two aces. These should always be split, no matter what the dealer is holding. When the opportunity to double down arises, that is drawing a hard eight, nine or ten it should almost always be taken. The only time that second thoughts should be taken is when the dealer is holding a high value card, and especially an ace.

There are is an almost endless list of permutations that can develop through every hand of blackjack, and a player who spends enough time playing blackjack will eventually come across them all, as well as how to deal with them. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, they will have run out of money long before they have succeeded in completing their education on how to play, enjoy and win at blackjack.


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