Professional Gambling and Online Slots – A Contradiction in Terms, or a Glamorous Possibility?

According to a Gambling Commission study, British gambling produced a whopping £6.3 billion gross yield in 2012 – 2013, with the online gambling sector showing rapid growth. With so many games available and so much money to be won, the trade of professional gambling is drawing more than a few job applicants, and the added convenience of being able to do this from your own home is more than inviting. After all, what self-respecting gambler wouldn’t jump at the chance to make a living by sitting at home, relaxing in lounge wear and playing games? Taking just one site as an example, it’s easy to see that customers have access to the complete gaming experience including a wide variety of games. That may be the dream, but in reality, professional gamblers work hard at research, do lots of practice, and follow a disciplined approach to putting themselves in the best position to win. The opportunity for big paycheques is definitely there, but is playing slots professionally the ultimate telecommuting job?

Inside the Professional Gambler’s Tool Kit

Professional gamblers bring their own tools of trade to the table, but none is more important than a thorough understanding of the game. Pros do the research, crunch the numbers and find out as much as they can to maximise their chances of winning. They usually focus on table games, card games and sports betting because skill and knowledge can be used to their advantage. The random nature of slots makes them a less likely focus for the professionals. However, a quick look at an online casino “winnings page” could highlight the sheer size of the daily winnings and make a good buffer argument. For example, when you go to a online casino site, you’ll see the ever increasing payouts make such games very inviting. To follow the path of the guys who do this for a living, the first and most important step is to do your homework, and lots of it.

The Randomness of Online Slots

Online slots present a real challenge for professional gamblers because the outcome of each spin or play is determined by a Random Number Generator. Skill cannot be used to influence the result. That said, the enormous number of games and the corresponding enormous payout potential can’t be ignored. Professional gamblers definitely take advantage of bonuses and special slot offers, such as those at bgo, and the professionals also monitor the mega progressive jackpots looking for the best time to play. It’s all about finding an edge.

Money Management and Staying in the Game

Just like any other business, professional gambling has start-up and maintenance costs, with losses being part of doing business. Money management is critical, and pros are meticulous about this. Professionals set limits, they approach gambling with strict discipline, and they do not chase losses. Smart money says that pros are likely to diversify, including their skill bets with slots bets to best protect their business’ bottom line.

Professional gambling with online slots has definite glamorous possibilities, especially if you win a huge progressive jackpot like the Scots fisherman who hauled in the biggest payout in UK history. Pros work hard, and it’s not a job for everyone, but even the everyday gambler can learn from the professionals and turn online slots into an exciting and rewarding venture.

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