Things to do When Holidaying in San Diego

San Diego has a lot to offer in order to make your holiday enjoyable. A coastal city in South California, San Diego is blessed with natural scenic locations and a favorable climate all through the year. There are several exciting things that you can do to make your holiday in San Diego really special.


The beaches in San Diego are a hub of water sports and other recreational activities. Brimming with fun and fervor, the beaches offer geographical diversity too. From pristine sandy beaches to rocky cliffs and reefs, the beaches remain the major attraction for the locals as well as the tourists.

Whether you spend a day at one of the lesser known beaches or plan out a trip to some of the prominent ones, you are definitely going to have a lot of fun.


When in San Diego, one thing that you cannot give a miss is the world famous SeaWorld located at the Mission Bay. You get to indulge in various entertaining shows like encounter with penguins and sharks, swimming with dolphins, watching Beluga whales and turtle reefs.

Apart from these, one thing that stands out is the Shamu’s Stadium where you get to watch whales twist and turn to beats of music.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego zoo is no ordinary zoo. It houses a huge range of endangered animal species. It also has a botanical garden with almost 70,000 exotic and rare plant species. Adding more fun to your trip is the adventure at safari park. The zoo authorities plan special zoo events at different times throughout the year.

USS Midway Museum

Have you ever heard of a Floating Museum? You get to see one at San Diego Bay. A huge naval aircraft carrier has been transformed into a museum that literally floats on sea.

The real jets and airplanes, and the heart rending real life stories shared by people working on board are truly awe-inspiring. Make sure you have half a day to spare since the museum tour takes nearly 2 to 3 hours.

Trip to Vineyards and Breweries

Special trips to vineyards and wineries take you to some of the best wineries located in San Diego.

Watching the glorious sceneries of the vineyards stretching over the hill slopes and valleys, tasting some of the best locally made wines and enjoying the specially made dishes from fresh farm produce are some of the key highlights of these trips.

San Diego is a complete holiday destination and opens up a variety of options for people of all age groups. The diverse experiences are sure to give your holiday a special twist.

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